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Woodwork By Stan
Adirondack, deck, cabin, patio, porch, lawn, camp, garden and man cave furniture.

Woodwork By Stan
14411 Ranch Road
Elk River, MN 55330

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Cedar and redwood outdoor furniture designed for relaxation, built to last! Woodwork By Stan
Woodwork By Stan
Our furniture is handcrafted, one at a time, using only the finest materials.

Click to enlarge image Pig, Walnut, $15 - Farm Animals - Pig, Piglet
Click to enlarge image

Pig, Walnut, $15
Click to enlarge image Piglet, Oak, $10 - Farm Animals - Pig, Piglet
Click to enlarge image

Piglet, Oak, $10

Farm Animals


Pig, Piglet

Pig (at left) is cut from 3/4-inch walnut and stands about 4 inches tall. He's also available in oak, maple or ash. Price: $15, plus shipping.

Pig (at right) is cut from oak. This one has only three pieces and is ideal for small kids. Price: $10, plus shipping.

Click here to see more stand-up jigsaw puzzles, from farm animals to cats and dogs, from gargoyles to dinosaurs, from polar bears to elephants. And return frequently as I add to the puzzle collection.

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(Designed by Judy and David Peterson.)

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